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Scope of Digital Marketing in India – 2022 & Beyond

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Have you ever come across anyone who hasn’t heard the term ‘Digital Marketing’? Probably not and that sums up the scope of digital marketing in India & the rest of the World. Also, the humongous leap in the number of Digital Marketing Training institutions across the country is enough to prove the anticipated possibilities in this industry.

Marketing keeps evolving and takes new forms as technology advances. The evolution of marketing techniques for increasing sales is quite evident. From advertising on radios to running advertisements on the Internet, marketing has come a long way.

What is Digital Marketing?

Are you wondering what digital marketing is? Digital Marketing is a paradigm shift from traditional marketing methods; it is an act of advertising and selling products and services to potential customers by leveraging online marketing tactics. In simple words, Digital Marketing means any form of marketing of brands, products, or services that involves online channels, search engines, and social media. Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Email Marketing, and Search Marketing are some of the great examples of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is a way to connect with potential customers and influence and persuade them to make a purchase online. These days, marketing your brand or services online is a big deal. To reach audiences on the web, having a strong online presence is extremely crucial to the business owners of both small and big enterprises. Digital Marketing can provide a remarkable return on investment, as well as can help you to achieve your business objectives and goals. Through digital marketing, the business owner can create awareness about their brand, products, or services, establish an identity as a trusted resource, create engagement, improve the traffic to the site, grow online audiences, convert audiences to buyers and new buyers into rabid customers, boost sales and bring humongous profit to the company.

Why lean towards Digital Marketing?

Do you want your business to survive in today’s world? With Digital Marketing, your business will not only survive in this digital world but also prosper and attain great heights. Today, business leaders are leaning towards digital marketing to boost their business due to the following reasons:

Growth of Internet Users in India

India has the second-highest number of Internet users. The Internet has driven everyone crazy, hasn’t it? At this moment, more than 500 million people are actively using the internet in India. The Internet has changed the world and the way people shop. Prior to making a purchase, people are researching the products and services online, gaining more information about the products, and reading the reviews online. The Internet has opened the doors of endless opportunities for businesses. Due to this reason, it has become extremely crucial for businesses to lean towards digital marketing to attract their target audience.

Exponential Growth of Mobile Users

In 2019, there have been more than 400 million smartphone users having internet access in India. By the end of 2022, India will be having 90% smartphone users with internet access out of the total population. This gives us an insight into the exponential growth of mobile users in India. The increase in the number of mobile users increases the opportunities for businesses to target the audiences and make sales.

Low Cost and High ROI

Quite some time ago, the products and services were promoted and advertised via traditional marketing methods like printing of posters and pamphlets, and advertising on radio, television, billboards, and several other ways. This type of marketing was expensive and sometimes, it didn’t yield desired results. With the invention of digital marketing, business leaders are relying on digital marketing to promote their brand because it is relatively inexpensive and can achieve high ROI within a short period of time.

Easy to Measure

To measure the success of your marketing campaign, you first need to set objectives and achievable goals. Setting the objectives and goals of your marketing campaign will enable you to determine whether or not you are getting results. Some of the most common goals and objectives that help measure success are building brand awareness, increasing leads, generating sales. In traditional marketing, tracking these goals is not possible. But in Digital Marketing, one can gather all necessary data and measure the results.

Audience Targeting

With digital marketing, marketers can use the limitless amounts of data available to reach the right audience. This data helps to gain a deep understanding of who the audiences are and what motivates them, which further helps the marketers to target the audience easily. Also, digital marketing helps marketers to retarget the audiences who are already familiar with their brand.

Why is the future of Digital Marketing in India bright?

Scope of  Digital Marketing in 2022

With the booming prevalence of Digital India, the future of digital marketing in India is bright. Digital Marketing has been the fastest growing industry in India making it a popular career choice for beginners as well as for marketers. The trend of digital marketing is on the boom due to the following reasons:

Changes in Traditional Marketing

Earlier, the products and services were advertised and promoted via traditional marketing methods, which was limited to mouth publicity, advertising on radio and television, and print media. The methodology of marketing has taken a leap with the advent of technology. Since most of India’s population is active online, businesses are also going digital.

Digital Transformation

Every business is going digital, right from small enterprises to large-scale enterprises. The marketers are opting for the most recent digital marketing trends to optimize their reach, conversions, and sales. This shift has generated great career opportunities.

Digital India

‘Digital India’ is one of the most prominent projects introduced by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The main aim of this program is to transform India into a digital economy and digitally empowered country. Though it is going to take time for India to go digital completely, the people of India are displaying great interest in going digital. The digital journey of India is one of exuberance.

Global Exposure

Digital technology has made it possible for marketers to reach their audience in any corner of the world. In India, the businesses are going global and due to this reason, these businesses are able to generate more revenue and increase their sales, which eventually brings profit to the company.

Digital Penetration in villages and small towns

Most of the population of India resides in villages and small towns. Due to the Digital India initiative and low cost, the internet has penetrated to nook and corner of Indian Villages. Now small towns and villages are also getting digitally equipped.

Increased Digital Ad Spend

The marketers are heavily investing in Digital Ad because the consumers are active users of mobile and social media. It is also estimated that the year 2021 will be a very strong year for digital advertising and the Digital Ad spend is likely to reach new heights.

What is the scope of Digital Marketing in India?

The scope of digital marketing in India has tremendously improved with the rise in the number of businesses having a strong digital presence. Almost all companies are using social media advertising. Social media is the fastest and the most engaging media and therefore, it has gained huge popularity. With the wide scope of digital marketing, it can work for any business, be it B2B or B2C.


The main goal of marketers for B2B companies is to generate leads. In order to generate leads, a marketing strategy has to be formulated that will attract and convert high-quality leads through the website and other channels.


For B2C companies, the marketers aim to attract consumers to the website and persuade them to become their customers. They also focus on improving brand awareness using digital channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and  Twitter.

What is the scope of Digital Marketing in Bangalore?

digital marketing scope in Bangalore

The scope of digital marketing is wide in Bangalore and it is booming day by day. New companies are coming up every now and then in this metropolitan area. There are a plethora of job opportunities, which can definitely shape the career of the ones who are looking for an exciting and trending career. In Bangalore, the demand for digital marketing professionals is high in every sector of the business. Companies are actively looking for skilled digital marketers for their organization, as well as they are ready to offer a good package too. If you are a Bangalore resident and looking for a career path with endless opportunities, enroll yourself for a Digital Marketing course in a reputed institute. Kick start your career in Digital Marketing.

What is the scope of Digital Marketing in Chennai?

scope of digital marketing in Chennai

Digital Marketing professionals are in high demand in all of Chennai. Over the last few years, Chennai has witnessed exponential growth in Digital Marketing, and by the end of 2021, it is expected to generate plenty of job opportunities. In Chennai, a career in Digital Marketing is gaining relevance. Whether you are a student, working professional, graduate, or business leader, you should invest in Digital Marketing. Anyone can become a digital marketer; it does not require any specific degree or graduation background. Digital Marketing offers various career opportunities; you can choose the one that interests you.

What is the scope of Digital Marketing in Mumbai?

digital marketing scope in Mumbai

Being the financial capital of India, many large companies and marketing departments are established in Mumbai. It is not only a metropolitan city but also a hub for major international and national companies. No doubt, marketing is an evergreen sector in Mumbai, and therefore, this city is constantly seeking talented and skilled Digital Marketing professionals. It does not matter if you are a fresher, all you need to be a successful digital marketer in Mumbai is passion and skills. You can join an entry-level job and rapidly progress and master in this field. The scope of Digital Marketing in Mumbai is limitless and it is rapidly growing.

Digital Marketing in 2022 & Beyond?

Digital Marketing in 2022 is likely to generate more than 2,00,000 Digital Marketing jobs in India. Being one of the largest growing digital markets globally, the scope of digital marketing in India is never going to end. Beyond 2022, the impact of digitization would be even more evident in the economy of the country.

Artificial Intelligence

The face of the digital landscape has been changed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It plays a very crucial role in identifying the most recent marketing trends. Incorporating Al will help the marketers to understand the audience better, create an effective strategy, increase productivity and ROI.

Data Science

Without Data Science, digital marketing strategies would be non-apparent. Implementing data science will enable the marketers to plan and execute the campaigns effectively, plan the campaign, design the campaign as per real-time data and optimize the budget and channel.

VR and AR

VR and AR enable consumers to experience products closer than before. Therefore, marketers are using AR and VR in their marketing strategies to enhance brand awareness and satisfy consumer’s demand.

Video Marketing 

Video marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy. Considering the attention span of the consumers, a short and crisp video will grab the attention of the audience and persuade them to take action.

Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with influencers can help to create brand awareness. More and more companies will collaborate with influencers to drive sales.

You may have heard about the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi’s idea of Digital India, haven’t you? This also acts as a promotional campaign for digital marketing, which has resulted in increased job opportunities to great heights.

Are you looking for an inviting and trending career? Digital Marketing is the most sought-after career opportunity in recent times. Therefore, you should choose Digital Marketing as your career without any second thought.

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